MixExpo Project

Development of a Mixture Risk Assessment Tool under REACH and K-REACH

Despite legal obligations of assessing risks including hazard and exposure assessments imposed on industry, lack of technical guidelines and expertise on the mixture risk assessment may give the technological burden to the industry for properly complying with chemical regulations. Reliable exposure assessment techniques especially for considering emerging contaminants (e.g. nanomaterials) and combined exposures by multiple chemicals (e.g. cocktail effects) need to be developed.

In collaboration between KIST Europe and DHI Institutes, this project aims to jointly develop mixture risk assessment tools, including exposure assessment and risk characterization methods of chemical mixtures for industries under EU REACH and Korean REACH and K-REACH, also referred to as ARECS, the Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals ) regulations. Not only for considering the combined toxicity of mixture components in the mixture risk assessment, but also for providing a web-based mixture risk assessment tool (MixExpo) for REACH and K-REACH, KIST Europe will investigate limitations of conventional approaches. To overcome limitations of conventional methods for mixture risk assessment, alternative methods will be studied and developed. In this project the developed alternative approaches will be embodied in a web-based IT tool.

Expected Effects and Their Applications
This research will promote a paradigm shift in the field of risk assessment from assessing ‘individual substances’ to assessing ‘chemical mixtures’. Fundamental research regarding calculation methods of combined exposures of mixtures will be conducted, and mixture risk assessment techniques will be developed in a web-based platform.

This project is funded by Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) (Project No. 21601).