MixExpo: A Web-based Tool for Mixture Exposure Assessment

    What is MixExpo?
MixExpo is a web-based tool for mixture exposure assessment to estimate combined exposures of mixture components with considering mixture toxicity in mixture risk assessment. MixExpo integrates the following approaches for calculating the risk characterization ratio (RCR) in mixture risk assessment:

[STEP I]: Screening mixture toxicity with the worst case based scenario
  • Enhanced KCC (e-KCC) method
[STEP II]: Result on RCRs calculated by different methods
  • LCID method by Cefic and VCI (Click to see details)
  • Risk Characterisation by ECHA
  • Key Critical Component (KCC) method in EU Draft TGD
  • Cumulative Risk Assessment by US EPA (Click to see details)
  • Composite Reciprocal (CR) method in EU Draft TGD
[STEP III]: Summary Report